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About Us is the sister site of Natural Medicine Works a naturopathic medical clinic in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Run by Dr. Coleen Murphy ND, LAc. and Andrew Tallfeather, we put this site together to share the self-developed workshops and commissioned artwork that we haveproduced through our 20+ years of massage teaching and healing.


About This Site

This site will take you on a deep dive into the ancient origins of Ayurveda and how those teachings morphed as it spread through Buddhist texts to South East Asia and became Thai Massage.

The 128 step sequence from The Old Medicine Hospital is brought to life through amazing illustrations and detailed instructions from master instructors of anatomy and bio-mechanics.

The esoteric nature of Pranic Healing and the oil soaked strokes of Abhyanga massage are elucidated and chiseled into a teachable sequence and course known as Prana Touch Ayurvedic Massage.

We move into present day as we weave the bio-mechanics of core muscle release and the fluidity of cranio-sacral therapy into workshops that explore the physical and energetic nature of the core muscles.


We started teaching Thai Massage in Philadelphia way back in 1996 after returning from Chiang Mai Thailand where we studied Thai Massage. We were the first teachers to ever offer full Thai Massage training and workshops in the city from our studio off Rittenhouse Square. Soon after setting up shop in Philly, Dr. Murphy was featured on the front page of The Philadelphia Inquirer, the publicity and supporters gained through this one article launched a massage and education practice that continues through to today.

As you learn Thai Massage, and begin to understand the spiritual and energetic anatomy that underpins the practice, you will soon find yourself immersed in Ayurveda. Looking to better understand Ayurvedic medicine and massage, we travelled to Kerala, India to study and live the practices and theory of Keralan Ayurveda. Since then we have returned to Thailand and India multiple times for training and restoration.

The materials provided both for free and for sale in our store (link to result from meticulous, and you may say an obsessive compulsion to synthesize a raucous soup of knowledge and concept into discrete workshops and progressive learning courses built for today’s audience.

Having made our living for years as professional massage therapists and educators, we adeptly weave Western anatomical descriptions and techniques into the workbooks to provide a lasting record for anyone who wants to learn for fun or for craft. Many of our workshops are geared toward the lay person, so use both Western anatomical descriptions together with more ‘lay’, jargon-free instructions for the every day person to understand.

If you are a massage educator and would like to get more information about using these materials to teach your own workshop, please get in touch.

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