Prana Touch Ayurvedic Massage 72 Hour Certification Course and One Day Workshops

If you are an Ayurveda educator, Massage teacher or Yoga pro and are looking to add Ayurvedic massage to your toolkit, keep reading.

The 72 Hour Ayurvedic Massage certification course workbook and workshop teaching materials are available for purchase.

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The Origin of Prana Touch Ayurvedic Massage

Prana Touch Ayurvedic Massage was created to synthesize the many facets of abhyanga into a discernible massage sequence that can be taught and shared.

Prana Touch was the signature massage sequence at Kamalaspa in San Francisco, which was a high end Ayurvedic Spa that existed from 2005 – 2009. We trained the staff in abhyanga and brought the four-hand sequence to life, which involves a rhythmic dance between two therapists who coordinate strokes and briskly slap hand mid-stroke in chi clearing brilliance.

Building upon years of experience teaching Thai and Swedish massage, we opened a new school for Ayurvedic massage in San Francisco in 2006 and graduated two classes before moving on.

The course materials are available to Ayurveda instructors, yoga teachers, massage educators and anyone looking to expand their offerings and promote a new service line. The workbook and teaching matrials are available to anyone who is already teaching and needs their own branded materials or wants to start teaching workshops or the full 72 Hour Certification Course.

The Ayurvedic Head massage, this is a great introduction to Ayurvedic massage workshop as you only get oily from the shoulders up and can be done without a massage table.

Ayurvedic massage is simply application of herbal oils for relaxation and healing. The endless varieties come from the choice of oils, wether your strokes are clockwise or counter-clockwise, massage toward or away from the heart, intention and pranic transfer all combine into an amzingly complex healing modality.

Ayurvedic Massage Student FAQ’s

What is Prana Touch Ayurvedic Massage?

Prana Touch is a luxurious warm oil massage that embraces Ayurveda, the ancient Indian “science of life”. Prana Touch is named for the Sanskrit word that describes the life sustaining force inherent in all of us. A rhythmic massage that strengthens the body, Prana Touch alleviates pain and soreness and frees up blockages to the free flow of prana in the bodies vital centers of energy, the marma points.

The ultimate goal of Prana Touch is to produce a deep yet balanced state of relaxation. The massage is always customized to the individual dosha or unique Ayurvedic constitution of the receiver. Prana Touch ayurvedic massage is characterized by long flowing strokes, the rhythmic pouring of warm oil, alternating speeds and pressure and spiraling motions over the delicate joints.

How does Ayurvedic Massage Work?

The massage strokes and therapeutic oils used in Ayurvedic Massage encourage detoxification of the body, and to cleanse the channels that carry the energy for our thoughts, actions and connection to our higher self.  It can be used to prepare one for and in conjunction with panchakarma, an Ayurvedic cleansing and balancing program, making it a very good accompaniment to other holistic cleansing programs such as fasting and detoxification. Prana Touch is a form of Ayurvedic massage that is easily customized to suit the individual Ayurvedic constitution or dosha of the recipient.

What will I learn in the 72 hour course?
  • A full body abhyanga-a traditional Ayurvedic massage from Kerala, India, that can be sculpted to balance the doshas of your clients.
  • 4 Handed synchronized abhyanga
  • The long flowing strokes that are unique to Ayurvedic massage
  • Introduction to the therapeutic uses of Ayurvedic massage oils
  • Energetic anatomy including the movements of prana and chakras
  • Ayurvedic theory as it relates to massage
  • Guidelines for stimulating Marma points
  • Introduction to the prana nadis, literally ‘rivers’ of energy and their connection to the Sen lines of Thai massage


Hands on Learning:
  • Selecting the proper Ayurvedic Massage Oil
  • How to properly position the client
  • Proper draping technique
  • Specific full-body massage sequence
  • Palpation and stimulation of select Marma points
What is Keralan Ayurveda?

In India it seems that each village has a unique form of massage, there are many different forms and styles of massage and each has unique benefits. Prana Touch Ayurvedic massage is based on the massage style from India’s southernmost state, Kerala, which is regarded as the birthplace of Ayurvedic massage.

A factor contributing to the rise of Keralan Ayurveda is the caste system. In pre-colonial India (and still today in some parts of India), the caste system dominated. The Brahmans, the highest caste, were the only people allowed to learn to read and write Sanskrit “the refined language”. Sanskrit by definition is a ‘high’ language, used for religious and scientific discourse and contrasts with the languages spoken by the people. Therefore the commoner could not study Sanskrit and could not interpret Ayurvedic textbooks.

The first books on Ayurvedic medicine in a language other than Sanskrit originated in south India in the state of Tamil Nadu adjacent to Kerala. This led to a proliferation of Ayurvedic doctors in the south of India and contributed to the rise of Sri Lankan ayurveda. Kerala is famous for its warm oil treatments, such as Pizhichil meaning “flow over all the body” where two therapists simultaneously apply gentle streams of oil over the entire body, and Shirodhara which is a stream of warm herbal oil gently flowing across the brow and over the top of the head.

What is Ayurvedic Massage?

Ayurvedic massage is an ancient Indian form of hands on healing that uses human touch and herbal oils as medicine. A natural method of relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating the body-mind, massage has always been an integral part of traditional Indian life.

A major focus of Ayurvedic massage is the choice of an appropriate massage oil that will bring balance to the recipient. Specially chosen oils are steeped in Ayurvedic herbs to prepare an herbal concoction that is suited to the patients constitution (dosha), the oil may also help to address a certain condition such as a back pain or headache. Absorption is increased by heating the oil to a comfortably warm temperature and by using long flowing strokes to massage it deep into the muscles.

What are the Benefits of Prana Touch Ayurvedic Massage?

Increases vitality and immunity, Mental balance and clarity, Stress reduction and slowing of the ageing process, Rejuvenating the skin, muscles and central nervous system, Reduction of swelling, stagnation and pain

Prana Touch is a form of Ayurvedic massage that is easily customized to suit the individual Ayurvedic constitution or dosha of the recipient.

Can you learn Ayurvedic massage in 72 hours?

The theory and concepts of Ayurveda are vast and an understanding of Ayurveda is necessary to become a competent Ayurvedic massage practitioner. This class is 80% hands on: theory and lecture, while important learning tools, are limited in order to increase practice time. Prana Touch is not a long drawn out sequence; it is a framework that is presented in a logical and easy to follow fashion. The 4 handed massage portion actually presents very little new info, it is a fun way to review the material while gaining a new skill set. Finally, this is a weekly course with a maximum of 10 students per class. You learn at a relaxed pace and have a full week between classes to integrate the information.

Who should attend?

Massage training is open to anyone with a basic knowledge of massage, currently in good health, who is comfortable moving around a massage table. Class size is currently limited to 10 participants.

Do I have to attend all the classes in sequence?

You can drop into a class at any time, though priority will be given to continuing students and those who pre-register by email or phone. The teaching schedule is devised so that each class is taught 4 times per year. If you miss a class you can make it up the next quarter. You can start your training at any point.

What about Advanced and Teacher Training?

PLease contact us if you would like more training on launching or improving your massage instruction techniques. Teacher training and workshops covering various aspects of Ayurvedic massage will be made available in 2018. If you are currently interested in apprenticing, get in touch.

What is a typical class like?

Each class begins with warm-ups and about 20 minutes of theory. We then jump right into the massage with a demonstration followed by 50 minutes to practice the techniques. We break and then switch partners so you have the chance to receive as well as give massage. AFter a lunch break, we repeat in the afternoon session. We end with a review of the day and allot time for Q+A.

How is the 72 Hour Certfication Class taught?

Prana Touch Ayurvedic massage is a 72 hour class, spread over 12 weeks, that teaches you to perform Ayurvedic massage and 4 handed synchronized Ayurvedic massage. Upon completion of all 12 classes, one open practice session and a documented 20 hours of practice, you will receive a certificate of completion and have the option to list your practice on the Prana Touch website

Prana Touch gives you the support and knowledge necessary in order to competently perform Ayurvedic massage. With this knowledge you can offer your clients authentic Keralan Ayurveda and also gain the foundation to practice a wide array of Ayurvedic treatments such as shirodhara and marma therapy.

Students will be given the tools to customize the massage sequence to balance the recipients individual constitution or dosha type. You will also explore the use of special herbal massage oils and herbal preparations and take home samples of these products for practice.

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