Releasing the Core Muscles Workshop

“Releasing the Core” is a one-day workshop that introduces participants to the 4 key core muscles of the body and teaches manual and energetic release methods for each muscle.

The workshop is appropriate for anyone who wants to better understand their own body, and will benefit Yoga, Pilates and movement teachers and massage therapists looking to deepen their practice.

The workshop is currently available for purchase for instructor use.

Goal: To safely perform manual and energetic release techniques for the psoas, iliacus, quadratus lumborum and piriformis muscles.

Techniques: Learn to palpate, massage and energetically unwind the 4 major core muscles that stabilize the pelvis and low-back. Drawing on diverse healing traditions such as deep tissue massage, craniosacral therapy and muscle energy technique, we will explore a variety of methods to contact and relax the core muscles. All techniques are performed fully clothed and can be done effectively without a massage table.

Background: The popularity of Yoga and Pilates has led to increased awareness of the core muscles, this workshop will allow you to touch these muscles, follow their movements and release any hypertonicity.

Core strength allows for effortless movement of the legs and upper body, as the hips must stabilize the body to allow for movement of the head and limbs. The 4 muscles covered today are frequently implicated in low-back pain, sciatica and a variety of disorders of the sacral-iliac joint.

The core is the seat of the tan tien-the body’s energetic heart. The sacral chakra is found here, home to the twin serpents of the kundalini energy.

Workshop Agenda


  • Review of Origin, Insertion and Actions of Core Muscles
  • How to Assess Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Alignment

Quadratus Lumborum

  • Deep Transverse Friction to Release a Hypertonic QL


  • Deep Transverse Friction to Release a Hypertonic Piriformis
  • Craniosacral Unwinding of the Piriformis-2 Ways
  • Reciprocal Inhibition of the Piriformis
  • Testing for Piriformis induced Sciatica


  • Deep Transverse Friction to Release a Hypertonic Psoas
  • Craniosacral Unwinding of the Psoas


  • Deep Friction Release
  • Craniosacral Unwinding of Iliacus
  • Reciprocal Inhibition of Iliacus

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